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Voices of Praise

"Voices of Praise" is a dedicated space showcasing the critical acclaim and thoughtful insights garnered by "Sikat Subar" during its journey through international film festivals. Here, you will find a curated collection of reviews and opinions from film critics, festival organizers, and other distinguished voices in the cinematic community. Explore the diverse perspectives that celebrate and analyze the impact of "Sikat Subar" on audiences worldwide.

Critical Acclaim

"When it comes to cockfighting...

The culture of cockfighting, which dates back centuries, is an important activity that has become synonymous with East Timor, conducted widely by the populace, but especially by men on the island.
The documentary 'Sikat Subar – A Hidden Colorful Feather' reflects the current state of the country within a broad spectrum, while meticulously depicting brutal fights that horrify sensitive souls and especially animal rights advocates.

Whether organized secretly or officially, cockfights occupy men extensively. Individuals trapped in unemployment and desperation try to support themselves and even their families with gambling money. The state, attempting to adjust its image to global standards and unable to ban these fights that serve as a sort of opium for the people, at least ensures their official regulation, trying to keep the potentially overflowing male energy under control.
We also witness some men, who have adopted the role of family head in the patriarchal social order, diligently caring for and doing everything in their power to ensure their roosters succeed in the fights, often valuing these animals more than their wives and children.

Director Diogo Pessoa De Andrade uses popular visual, narrative, and screenplay elements to engage the audience as much as possible, prompting us to question a tradition that has become integrated with the people.
This 95-minute documentary from Portugal, made in 2023, aptly sketches the healing process of a people traumatized by years of struggle for independence. A visit to the island to fully absorb the mysterious, varied customs that are somewhat felt in the film would not be a bad idea either…"


Murat Türker - Freelance film critic


"The film is an eye-opening piece of work, hard to watch sometimes for people of the 'with us, not for us' perception of animals (the cockfighting scenes practically), but still, it being a broader look into Timor-Leste's culture, makes the film a unique one in its topic of exploration. I bet no matter how much one loves world cinema, they know little to nothing of the place (me myself being one of those people). So I can definitely see many reasons why festivals (esp. documentary ones) would want to screen it."

Annita Nitsaidou - Festival Director, WOW Wales One World Film Festival

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